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Welcome to MADO studios


We're upgrading this space :-)

Meanwhile you can see some of our creations and habitat at


Tall Tree Road Woodcraft & Decor

Beautiful bespoke furniture and decor by David Nurzinski


I Ching Book of Changes

Easy to use I Ching app with clear language texts

by Jack Boukens & Dolly Nurzinski


And about the I Ching co-author and app developer

Jack Boukens

Jack Boukens is a programmer since 1965. He is also my dad, and a father figure, a father-in-law and granddad to many of us. Recently he even became great grandfather.

With much time and love,and studying countless ancient to modern texts, Jack and I created our own original, clear and simple texts for this much loved I Ching app.

We're glad and grateful we've been able to share it with well over 50 000 users so far. Thank you for your great reviews and ratings everybody!

He says: "With great pleasure I sit behind the computer almost daily to make programs. Hopefully you will also enjoy these programs." - Jack Boukens

When you have any questions, ideas or comments for him about the I Ching app, please email us at nurzinski@gmail.com We'll assist and pass it onto him as well:-)



Enjoy the sites and thank you for your patience :-)












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